Crow shawl care instructions

Crow Shawl Care Instructions


Your new Crow Shawl is 100% handmade from the finest Merino wool. To keep your shawl in good shape, it needs to be treated with love. Please take some time to go over the following care instructions.

To prolong the shawl’s shelf life: When you are not wearing or displaying your shawl, fold it up and store in a soft bag or box. While packing for travel, it’s best to avoid much agitation and contact with the other items in your wardrobe to avoid pilling and other things shedding onto it, as is the common nature of wool.

If pilling balls develop on your shawl, lay it out flat on a table and very gently pick the pilling balls out. Please note that you need to be very careful not to tear the shawl.

If there is a small stain on shawl, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently brush away any debris. Slightly dampen a clean cloth with cool water and gently wipe the surface to clean it.

However, if you feel your shawl needs a bath, for the safest care, please handwash it in lukewarm water using mild detergent. Or, take it to experienced dry cleaner familiar with Merino wool. Do not use a washing machine or a tumble dryer! It will destroy the shawl! Wet felt is not as resilient as dry and it must be handled with care. Submerge the shawl into the water and gently work the soap in. Always wash separately and be gentle so you don’t stretch it out. Once you are finished, and all the soap has been rinsed out, wring it out in a towel and lay flat, or hang on a door to dry. Reshape if necessary.

Last but not least, it is completely normal for the new shawl to be rather stiff as it has never been used. Once you start wearing it, it will get softer, it just needs time.


ショールを長くご愛用頂くために: ショールをご着用・ご展示にならないときは、ショールを折りたたみ、柔らかい鞄や箱へご収納ください。ご旅行へショールをご持参の際は、お手荷物内での過度な回転、他の衣装との過度な接触はお避け下さい。ウールの本来の性質ですが、毛玉が生じ、他の衣装へ毛玉が付着する可能性があります。



ショールを洗濯したい場合は、ぬるま湯と弱い中性洗剤で手洗いするか、メリノウールの取り扱いに詳しいドライクリーニング店にお持ちください。洗濯機や乾燥機は絶対に使わないでください! ショールが破れてしまいます。湿ったフェルトは乾燥したものより耐性が弱く、丁寧なケアが必要です。ショールをぬるま湯に沈め、静かに洗剤を入れてください。他の物と一緒に洗わず、破らないよう優しく扱ってください。手洗いが終わり濯いだ後、タオルに巻いてショールを絞り、平らに広げるかドアに吊り下げて乾燥させてください。必要であれば再成形してください。