Our products are proudly made in Poland from small, family run companies and individuals whose products give a taste of tradition with a contempory twist

PANIPANI seeks to bring the past - the culture and traditions from Poland, a way of life so rich and colorful - to a fusion with the lifestyle of modern times.

PANIPANI promotes ecofriendly, handmade products that satisfy the desire for the warmth and comfort that traditional designs give. More and more people want to know the story behind the products they use and to have a special relationship with the creators who craft these products especially for them. PANIPANI has direct, personal ties with all of our artisans and bring each unique product straight from their hands to yours.

The value of these products lay in the story and connection they have with the local traditions and history --beautifully crafted bags have sewn into their fabric the tales of their heritage, the ornaments that emerge from straw tell the story of generations of practiced hands, the crafting behind handmade felting displays ever enduring artistry within its weaves. All tell the story of the people behind them, evoking the timeless image of a romantic world far away from our busy lives, but the stories that our products tell, bring us all closer together.









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